New Age Spiritual Leader,

Thought Entrepreneur, 

Life Coach, 

Mystic, Story teller, Author, Speaker 

Kartikey started his journey as a student of physics and technology. Seeking answers to the questions that were beyond the scope of sciences, he turned to philosophy and metaphysics. Soon he realised that dry knowledge alone can’t guide the life. He, then, turned to meditation and experiential learning. 

During his journey, he got a very interesting ally - his own dreams. His dreams taught him a lot about life, at a nominal cost of some disturbed nights. This process is still on. Based on his dreams, he wrote his first book PHYSICS OF GOD which is an acclaimed and serious work in the field of scientific spirituality. Again, based on this dreams, he wrote a fiction GANGES OF THE SKY which is a thought bending and mystical story of love. In a way, he is not an author but a medium. 

He speaks, writes and coaches on almost every topic that concerns human life including freedom, love, meditation, happiness, leadership, efficiency, wealth, education, faith, religious symbolism, sexuality, chakra theory, problems of reality and consciousness etc. His thoughts and teachings are simple, experiential and directly applicable in others’ life. 

His writings, talks and teachings usually draw one or the other element from his own dreams.